Indi Fire Fest 4 (En)

Indi Fire Fest 4

Indi Fire Fest 4

Hi, everybody: fire perfomer’s, musicians, dancers and just talented people! ✌

And we hurry to share date of the following fest of IFF4 ⚠
Which will pass
On 6 May on
to other earth Arth of the Mekhanika Plant

Day Workshops (which are focused not only on fire perfomer’s, but also on comprehensively developing guests of a festival)
(you to us will help to define that we will leave that we will clean and that we will add)
Мк are divided on 4e the directions:

1. For fire perfomer’s and those who wants to learn to operate fire. Speen: fire breather, Bugengi, Dregon-staff, Double Staff , Staff, Fans etc.

2. Musical:
you can learn to play an ethnic drum, a drymba. Beatboxing

3. M-to corporal focused and circus:
Yoga,Traible, Pole Dance Air acrobatics: aerial silk, ring. Sir’s wheel. Contact juggling.

4. Those which haven’t entered other categories:
Shibari (Erotic binding),Twerk (booty shake), tarrot cards

Evening Show Program:
— Beatboxing
— jam of percussionists:
— Traybl
— Pole Dance (Pole), Aerial silk, Acrobatic ring.
— Shibari (Erotic binding)
— Fayer-batly
— Dj in style Trap, Dabstep, the Trance.
— Огненный Gala concert

And also sea of fire and impressions.

WHERE: Arth Zavod Mekhanika
WHEN: On April 7-8 14.00-24.00
HOW MANY: 100 — 200 uan. The earlier buy the ticket, the cheaper


Kostiantine ✌⚠